Who is behind Real'isations?

An 18 year-old rider and student who has always wanted to experiment the Business World.

An 18 year-old rider and student passionate about entrepreuneurship who likes to think, discuss and create.

For a photoshoot, I wanted a specific browband for Real, and because I did not find what I wanted, I made it.

It suits him so well that I made others, and because of laziness, I thought about the clips.

De fil en aiguille, j'ai ensuite proposé mes 'réalisations'.

I saw in the "Real'isations" project an opportunity to get concretely initiated to the business World, using what I learnt at school and during internships.

With this rewarding expericne, I have been learning leather work, order taking, inventory management, customer service and even a website creation, keeping in mind and as a first objective customer relation.

Thank you, customers or simply visitors, for letting me achieve this project and for supporting me for nearly 2 years.